● Ancient Chinese version of 《24 Hours》,a mixture of Chinese culture with western style. Debuted at Cannes International Television Festival and received wide acclaim overseas for its classical Chinese elements.
● Adapted from Ma Boyong's famous novel.
● Featured A-list actors Lei Jiayin、Yiyang Qianxi and Re Yizha ,and a top creative team.
● First ever IP ecological chain cooperation among series、film、game 、music、commerical and derivative products.
● Created Chinese “Super Season Series”,the leading series on YOUKU’s platform for the year ,estimated to achieve 10 billions views.
● A Story of Love and Forgiveness
● A Republic of China version of To the Sky Kingdom
● The biggest Chinese manga IP with a total page view of over 100m on u17.com . This strong IP with a broad audience is a milestone in the history of “Golden Dragon Awards”, the only manga award in Chinese mainland
● The first time two superstars Liu Yifei and Jing Boran worked together
Big names in Creative team: Mao Weiping, Zhao Yichao, and Zhang Shuping
● Winner of The Silver Award of Best Manga, and the Golden Monkey Award in Chinese International Animation Festival
● Omni-directional exploration of commercial values of films, dramas, derivatives, theme parks, etc., meanwhile developing real-life tourism projects with Hengdian Studio
● An oriental fantasy novel by Qidian.com's platinum writer the Otaku Pig Immediately pushed page views over 100 million shortly after its release, this title holds its place among Qidian's monthly best seller list
● It is called "the most outstanding fantasy novel in recent years," by many readers and fans
● The elements of Chinese traditional culture, religion and even martial arts are added to its huge worldview
● A combination of the virtues of traditional culture and thrilling storyline and outside the box thinking help to create a new map mode for a novel
●Diversified development of film, games, animation, theme scenes, etc.
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